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RuleAll concepts in the substitutionGroup xbrli:item or sbr:presentationItem created by a Dutch Taxonomy partner, with the exception of non-reportable concepts used for the presentation hierarchy of tables, MUST be used in any presentation linkbase from that Dutch Taxonomy partner
ExplanationFact carrying concepts and presentation concept need to be used in an entrypoint. No unused concepts of these types in the Dutch Taxonomy are allowed, they are waste.
Error messageNT partner defined concepts in @substitutionGroup xbrli:item or sbr:presentationItem MUST be used in at least one presentation linkbase
Is NTA ruleYes
Is PE ruleNo

Other information
Date introduction2010/06/23
Is related to2.02.00.21

Variation of (both are checked by Decimate), now specifically for a presentation linkbase.

Known irregularity in NT11: This is not the case if it is a non-reportable concept used in the presentation hierarchy of tables. This rule will be adjusted for this in the NT12.

15/05/2017: the rule is adjusted for the known irregularity above.