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RuleA linkbase MUST NOT declare namespaces that are not being used in the linkbase
The namespace for a QName that is used in an XPath expression in a Table or Formula linkbase is regarded als ‘used’ in the linkbase, so that namespace may be declared.
Error messageXML Linkbase MUST NOT define unused namespaces
Is NTA ruleYes
Is PE ruleNo

Other information
External reference(s)? (SBR Australia: 33 SA)
Date introduction2010/06/23
Is related to2.02.00.11

Known irregularity in NT11: A namespace for a QName in formula or table is also regarded as being used, although this is usually not recognized by standard tooling. This rule will be adjusted for this in the NT12.

15/05/2017: the rule is adjusted for the known irregularity above.