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RuleIn a table, all aspects of a concept modeled in the taxonomy, except aspects of which a maximum of one value can occur, MUST be expressed in the definition of the table.
ExplanationEach aspect of a concept should be modeled in the table, with the exception of aspects with a maximum of one occurance. The result is that each dimension, period, unit and entity identifier that are applicable to a concept are to be included explicitly.

If an aspect is only allowed to occur once because of filing rules (like for some domains in unit and entity identifier)it does not have to be included in the definition of the table.

Background to this rule is to ensure that there can not be more than one fact in a single cell.
Error messagenone
Is NTA ruleYes
Is PE ruleNo

Other information
Date agreed2016/05/01
Date introduction2016/05/01
  • 2018-03-01: Changed wording to begin with 'In a table...' to make clear the rule only applies to use of tables.