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RuleIn a table, concepts must be added using a conceptRelationshipNode UNLESS one single concept from a p-link must be added separately
ExplanationElements included in a presentation link base, should be added to a table using a conceptRelationshipNode. This allows the presentation link base to serve as input for the conceptRelationshipNode of the tabel.

Background to this rule is to ensure that not every individual cell is defined, just the axis (for example, through a p - link).

It is possible that an element in a p-link is added separately on an axis. This enables the use of "merged" and "abstracted" on one element (which is not possible with the conceptRelationshipNode). This way there is still not a definition of an individual cell, the restriction holds for the entire axis.
Error messagenone
Is NTA ruleYes
Is PE ruleNo

Other information
Date agreed2016/05/01
Date introduction2016/05/01
  • 2018-03-01: Added an exception for adding a single concept from a p-link.
  • 2018-03-01: Changed wording to begin with 'In a table...' to make clear the rule only applies to use of tables.