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Reporting errors

Errors in the Dutch Taxonomy can be reported through:

  1. YETI
  2. A notification using email address []

In YETI only errors relating to a concept or a relationship in a version of the Dutch Taxonomy can be reported. An error at a 'higher' level (such as, for example, a missed or non-operational entry point schema), cannot be reported through YETI.

Resolving errors

SBR works on the basis of three ways of resolving an error that is found in a production version of the Dutch Taxonomy:

  1. Publish a new taxonomy version;
  2. Publish a "Quick fix" of the incorrect file;
  3. Inclusion on the "Known Errors" list of the version of the relevant Dutch Taxonomy, including the solution or work-around;

The selection of one of the aforementioned method depends on the urgency, scope (technical) and impact on the submission of instances. Along with the parties making the request, the Dutch Taxonomy Workgroup make a decision about the method to be followed when resolving the problem that has been raised. In such cases, the parties making the request will consult with other stakeholders.

Publication of errors

The solution is always published on and in the event of new files, or an entirely new version of the taxonomy, also on mainstream websites such as NL_validatie and NL_taxonomie.

Inclusion of the solution on the "Known Errors" list is only possible if the solution is simple. No files can be provided to replace the Dutch Taxonomy files. In all cases (new version, quick fix, work-around), inclusion on the "Known Errors" list will follow. Reference is made from the reported error to the solution, or it is stated that the solution will not be in place until the next release of the Dutch Taxonomy.

There is a search option within the (Dutch) Wiki to find, by error or entry point, the entry points or errors that have been affected: Known_Error_Overzicht

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