List of syntax architecture rules

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Syntax architecture rules, starting with number 2, outline how the XBRL syntax can be used within the Dutch Taxonomy.

Because this concerns hundreds of rules, a technical classification has been applied. For each rule the requirement is stated in either Dutch or English. In addition, in any case in Dutch, an explanation is given for why the rule has been laid down. Each rule is given an implementation date; the date from which the rule is effective. If possible, compliance of the Dutch Taxonomy with this rule is verified automatically.

Recorded data

  • ID: Regelnummer
  • Name: Rule text
  • Explanation
  • Error message: Message to use for validation if the rule is not met
  • References: External links
  • Date agreed: Date on decisions by Working Group Dutch Taxonomy
  • Date introduction: Date from which the rule is valid
  • First version NT introduction: First version of the NT in which the rule is introduced
  • Date ending: Date the rule is no longer valid
  • Is related to: Internal (wiki) links
  • Free text: Comments, considerations and views

Overivew of syntax rules


For further explanation: Architecture rules backgrounds