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This SBR wiki describes:

  • The Dutch Taxonomy and the Dutch Taxonomy Architecture. The Dutch Taxonomy Architecture is a creation guide for the Dutch Taxonomy and Dutch Taxonomy extensions.
  • The processes of Logius / SBR with regard to the Dutch Taxonomy and Dutch Taxonomy Architecture.

SBR wiki for Dutch Taxonomy and Dutch Taxonomy Architecture

The purpose of this wiki is, on the one hand, to provide information relating to the Dutch Taxonomy Architecture to software vendors and parties that build extensions on the Dutch Taxonomy. On the other hand, the purpose of the wiki is, by means of comments and discussions, to collect information relating to the maintenance and management of the Dutch Taxonomy Architecture.
Dutch Taxonomy Architecture

SBR wiki for the coordination of Dutch Taxonomy and Dutch Taxonomy Architecture information

Each Dutch Taxonomy Architecture rule can have comments attached if it is found that the rule does not work well or if it is found to have major drawbacks. Modifications to the Dutch Taxonomy Architecture are determined annually by Dutch Taxonomy partners after consultation with intermediaries and software vendors.

Scheduling improvement proposals and modification proposals are possible through various channels. The SBR wiki is an important channel in terms of listing and assessing the modification proposals.

Comments, responses and proposals for amendments have to be included in the talk page (above the 'talk' tab).

About the SBR wiki

These wikis are accessible to all users. All pages can be read without access rights. Additional access rights are required should you wish to make comments or participate in discussions. You have to register to acquire these rights; send an email to this address.

The following information has to be included in this email:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Activities/position

By registering for additional access rights, you agree to your data being processed for purposes of interaction on the SBR wiki.

The aim of the SBR wiki is to obtain input concerning the maintenance and management of the Dutch Taxonomy Architecture in the public domain, providing information about the SBR processes and releasing knowledge in relation to XBRL/SBR. It is important that the identity of the person who placed a comment and his/her area and role are apparent, as this will allow assessment of the comments and optimise the transparency of the decision-making process in respect of modifications.

To this end, your details will be processed and stored by the administrator of the SBR wiki. Your details will not be processed for other purposes. When you make a comment in the SBR wiki, your details will be visible to the public. If you object to this you can alternatively submit your comment to this address, or put forward your comment for the attention of the Dutch Taxonomy/Dutch Taxonomy Architecture through the Data Expert Group.