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For convenience, XBRL taxonomies are distributed as ZIP archive files, often bundled with readable documentation describing which components should be regarded as entrypoint.

The Taxonomy Package specification defines a standard formaat and location for a manifest file that can be included in the ZIP archive file. The standard format allows XBRL-tools to automatically identify entrypoints. A ZIP archive file structured in this way is called a Taxonomy Package.

The specification defines the following elements that can be included in a manifest:

  • Information about the taxonomy
    • Identification of the package (uri)
    • Name of the package
    • Description of the package
    • Version
    • Licence (href and name)
    • Publisher (name, url and country)
    • Date of publication
    • List of entrypoints
    • List of packages that are replaced by this package (reference)
    • List of versioning reports (reference)
  • Information on each entrypoint
    • Name of the entrypoint
    • Descripotion of the entrypoint
    • Reference to the entrypoint file (href)
    • Version

Elements such as name and description can be included in multiple languages.

The specification also allows the inclusion of a so-called XML-catalog file in the package. The specification only uses a subset of the XML Catalog specification. An XML-catalog file contains "remappings" that allow an XBRL-tool to process the contents of a package as a local (off-line) copy of the taxonomy that is published elsewhere on the internet without requiring additional configuration.

File structure of package

The Taxonomy Package has the technical format of a ZIP-archive file. The structure of the taxonomy package is the same as the structure of the current NT distribution with "ntxx" as top-level folder which contains the domain specific folders. Within the top-level folder a new "META-INF" folder is included containing the manifest en catalog meta files.

The file name of a package will have the following format: ntxx_eejjmmdd.taxonomyPackage.xml in which "ntxx" stands for the NTA version and "eejjmmdd" for the publication date of th package.



Contents of the manifest file

Information about the taxonomy:

  • Identification of the package <tp:identifier>
    Value: "urn:ntxx-eejjmmdd" in which "xx" stands for the NTA version and "eejjmmdd" for the publication date of the package.
  • Name of the package <tp:name xml:lang="…">
    Value ‘nl’: "Nederlandse Taxonomie xx" in which "xx" stands for the NTA version.
    Value ‘en’: "Dutch Taxonomy xx" in which "xx" stands for the NTA version.
  • Description of the package <tp:description xml:lang="…">
    Value ‘nl’: "De Nederlandse Taxonomie bevat de verantwoordingsrapportages binnen Standard Business Reporting in Nederland."
    Value ‘en’: "The Dutch Taxonomy contains the accounting reports for Standard Business Reporting in the Netherlands."
  • Version of the overall taxonomy <tp:version>
    Value: "NTxx" in which "xx" stands for the NTA version.
  • Licence <tp:licence href="…" name="…">
    Value "Intellectual Property of the State of the Netherlands".
    The attributes are not used at this time.
  • The publisher <tp:publisher>
    Value ‘nl’: "SBR programma"
    Value ‘en’: "SBR programme"
  • The homepage of the publisher <tp:publisherURL>
    Value: ""
  • The country of the publisher <tp:publisherCountry>
    Value: ISO 3166-1 country code, for example "NL" (SBR iso3166-countrycodes-2016-03-31.xsd)
  • Date of publication <tp:publicationDate>
    Value: date of the publication in the format "eejj-mm-dd"
  • List of entrypoints <tp:entrypoints>
    See Information for each entrypoint below

Information for each entrypoint:

  • Name of the entrypoint scheme in the package without extension <tp:name>
    Value for example: "bd-rpt-icp-opgaaf-2017".
  • Description of the entrypoint <tp:description xml:lang="nl">
    Value for example: "Opgaaf intracommunautaire Prestaties 2017 ten behoeve van opgaaf bij de Belastingdienst".
    A publishing partner may include an English description alongside the Dutch description.
  • Referentce to the entrypoint file at it's public location <tp:entryPointDocument href="">
    Example: ""
  • The domain the entrypoint belongs to <sbr-tpe:domain>
    Value is one of the abbreviations tabel C (see Dutch Taxonomy Naming), for example: "kvk", "bd" and "cbs".
  • The languages available for the entrypoint <tp:languages>/<tp:language>
    Value: an ISO 639-1 language code, for example: "nl" or "en"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tp:taxonomyPackage xml:lang="en" xmlns:tp="" xmlns:sbr-tpe=
  xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <tp:name xml:lang="nl">Nederlandse Taxonomie 11</tp:name>
    <tp:name xml:lang="en">Dutch Taxonomie 11</tp:name>
    <tp:description xml:lang="nl">De Nederlandse Taxonomie omvat de verantwoordings rapportages voor Standard Business Reporting in Nederland</tp:description>
    <tp:description xml:lang="en">The Dutch Taxonomy contains the accounting reports for Standard Business Reporting in the Nederlands</tp:description>
    <tp:licence href="" name="Dutch Taxonomy Licence Terms">Intellectual Property of the State of the Netherlands</tp:licence>
    <tp:publisher xml:lang="en">SBR Program</tp:publisher>

            <tp:description xml:lang="nl">Opgave intracommunautaire prestaties</tp:description>
            <tp:entryPointDocument href=""/>
            <tp:description xml:lang="nl">Aangifte inkomstenbelasting 2016</tp:description>
            <tp:entryPointDocument href=""/>
            <tp:description xml:lang="nl">Jaarverantwoordingsrapportage 2016 voor microrechtspersonen op basis van NL-GAAP ter deponering bij de Kamer van Koophandel</tp:description>
            <tp:entryPointDocument href=""/>

Contents of the catalog file

To remap schema and linkbase files only the <rewriteURI> element is used. This is a subset of the XML Catalog specification. The example below uses the propposed file structure of the package in which the catalog.xml file is included in the META-INF folder.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog">
    <rewriteURI id="nltaxonomie" uriStartString="" rewritePrefix=".." />