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SBR-NL addendum to XII Versioning Specification of March 2011

The XBRL International Versioning Specification has some of the modules in Candidate Recommendation and some in Public Working Draft (see table). SBR-NL has adopted the CR specifications only to create versioning reports upon release of a new taxonomy version. However, the SBR-NL user community felt that certain versioning events were too broadly defined, there was not enough detail in the versioning report concerning specific events. To remedy this, SBR-NL has extended the XII versioning specification by a couple of custom events. This is completely in line with the XII versioning specification and the events created are similar in construction, to enable other users to also adopt this extension.

XII Versioning specification that forms the base of SBR-NL Versioning: Candidate Recommendation of May 11th, 2011 Versioning – Base Versioning – Concept Basic Versioning – Concept Extended Public Working Draft of October 19th, 2011 Versioning – Instance Aspects Versioning – Relationship Sets

SBR-NL custom extension: Versioning – Extension SBR

SBR-NL custom extension content There are two events added to the XII Versioning list of events; versbr:tupleChildAdd versbr:tupleChildDelete These events give more detail to the verce:conceptChildChange which requires all changes to the tuple content model to be discovered by software. This includes all levels of nesting with a tuple. In line with the XII specification the SBR-NL custom events are to be used from a business perspective. I.e. the physical removal or addition of children in a tuple content model MAY be refrained from the versioning report. ONLY when a child is being added or removed from/to a tuple content model that has similar consequences to a presentation link between tuple and child, would there be a need to report the event in the versioning report. This approach prevents unnecessary reporting of events from an entry point perspective. I.e. a child can be added to serve only in a single entry point whilst the tuple can be called upon in multiple entry points.

Syntax examples of SBR-NL custom events In the first example the ‘Country’ is removed from the Address tuple. In the second the ‘Region’ is being added to the Address tuple; nl-cd = from DTS, nl-cd_2 = to DTS.

 <ver:action id=”actionNumber”> 
   <ver:assignmentRef ref="business"/> 
     <vercb:fromConcept name="nl-cd:Address"/> 
     <versbr:childConcept name="nl-cd:Country"/> 
 <ver:action id=”actionNumber”> 
   <ver:assignmentRef ref="business"/> 
     <vercb:toConcept name="nl-cd_2:Address"/> 
     <versbr:childConcept name="nl-cd_2:Region"/> 

Note: Once the XII Versioning specification Relationship Sets module is implemented in SBR-NL, the custom events will be accompanied by the addition or deletion of a presentation relationship.